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U.S. Judge is satisfied with standard of the candidates in Azerbaijan.

"I am pleased with standard of the candidates. They have great desire, they are educated, courageous and well-informed" said Trend News U.S. Judge Helen Berrigan on Wednesday.

U.S. Judges Helen Berrigan and Larry Boyle are participated in trainings that organized with cooperation of Judicial-Legal Council and U.S. embassy. 80 persons succeeded in election examinations to judge post have begun to training in the Justice Academy.

Mrs. Berrigan noted activity of the candidates in trainings, their asking questions on issues and doing substantiated comments. "Their questions are comprehensive, problematical and oblige man to think" said the Judge.

The Judge has told that judge must be educated, hard-working, courageous and conscientious. According to her, the told factors are peculiar to Judges. She wishes the number of women Judges increase. Mrs. Berrigan highly estimated the Judicial reforms carried out in Azerbaijan. Laws adopted in Azerbaijan on human rights are comprehensively prepared and democratic.

She highly appreciated the norms in the legislation that guaranteed rights of parties in criminal procedure and told about some norms, which do not exist in U.S. legislations. "For example, according to Azerbaijan legislation, searching must be done with presence of neutral witnesses. Presence of neutral witnesses make search more reliable. There is no such norm in U.S. legislation. After returning U.S. I will propose this norm to include into the legislation" noted the American Judge.

According to the theme - "Adjudgement, conducting of court sessions and principle of competition in courts" there were paid attention to drawing up of court decisions, conducting of court sessions, ethical behavior of Judges, providing of principle of competition, struggle against corruption themes and spectacilized court sessions are being held on behalf of the candidates` Judicial experience.

Training is organized with cooperation of U.S. Department of Justice and the Judicial-Legal Council of Azerbaijan Republic. The training launched on 14th of December and will come to the end on 18th of December of the Year.

Till now there was carried out two competitive examinations for candidates to judge posts and 157 of them appointed to the post.

16.12.2009, Trend News, K.Zerbaliyeva



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