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Systematical arrangements are carrying out on courts turning to real guarantee of human rights, their staffing with morally honest and prepared Judges according to assignments of the President on increasing of efficiency of justice.

The modernization of Judicial system pursuant to progressive international practice, establishment of administrative Judiciary are always the focus of attention, adopted an Act on execution of administrative decisions and Administrative Procedure Code for guarantee of strict fulfillment of human rights by government bodies, there are intended to establish administrative courts.

In the meeting that was conducted by presidency of Fikrat Mammadov discussed the issues on adoption of Administrative Procedure Code, establishment of new courts, necessity in judge staff etc. There were noted that, due to necessity in judge staff, Judges` selection was carried out current year, as a result of multi-phase examination 80 lawyers was drawn into training courses for preparation to judge posts. At present, the private training is being held for the candidates on administrative procedure, the courses are being arranged for them abroad and etc.

In the meeting, there were discussed issues on practice of selection of an arrest as preventive punishment by courts and its generalization by the Supreme Court.

In the meeting, special importance was attached to human rights protection in Judicial reforms carried out in the country, court supervision institute was established over decisions of prosecution, investigation bodies, and selection of arrest as preventive punishment empowered to only courts competence. However, the results of the generalization show that, due to infringement of provisions of law by some Judges, efficient Judiciary supervision was not fulfilled.

In the meeting noted that unsubstantiated selection of arrest by courts as grave preventive punishment for formality without paying attention to provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and the European Convention of Human Rights is not acceptable.

Because of unsubstantiated confine of human rights in selection of arrest by courts as grave preventive punishment and infringement of procedure, the disciplinary proceeding was launched against 14 Judges.



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