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There was held a general meeting of the Union of Court Judges Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Participants of the event first visited the Alley of Honor and visited the grave of the great leader Heydar Aliyev and commemorated the memory of the National Leader with great respect.

The annual report of the Public Association of the General Court Judges of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Union of Court Judges Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan was listened at the meeting.

Chairman of the Public Association of the General Court Judges of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Union of Court Judges Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chairman of Baku city, Nizami District Court Aladdin Jafarov gave information about the annual activity of the Union and spoke about the country s sustainable and comprehensive development, reforms in economic, social, cultural and other spheres made under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev, increase of the citizens life level, and the measures on solution of the problems of different categories of the population.

A. Jafarov said that, this development had a positive effect on the judicial activity. Important measures have been taken to modernize the judicial activity and infrastructure and to apply the electron court information system based on the President s assignments on improving the efficiency of the judiciary. In recent years, the activity of the courts of the republic as an independent branch of government, where have a high level of protection of human and civil rights and freedom, as well as gaining high public trust has contributed to the wide application of international experience in this area.

He also noted that, the process of improvement of the legislation regulating judicial activity was continued in 2018 and made fundamental changes to the Civil Procedural Code on application of the "electron court" information system, an exact time for appointment of judicial training and court meetings was defined for the purpose of preventing procrastination during court proceedings and unreasonable extension of the proceedings, and the possibility of postponement of the hearing by the judge was diminished.

The chairman of the Union also added that, since 2002, the Union of Court Judges Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has been trying to coordinate the activities of judges within the framework of a single public institution, to strengthen the independence of the courts, to study and effectively apply the judicial practice of other countries, to apply positive desires and to improve the laws, has achieved the important results in these directions. The close cooperation of the Union with the International Judges Association, specialized in the field of courts and judges, and with its regional body, the European Judges Association

also serves for strengthening the international reputation of the Republic and practical application of foreign experience.

Aladdin Jafarov stressed the President Ilham Aliyev s serious approach to the important duties on fairness of court decisions, increase of transparency, strict adherence to judicial ethics, prevention of corruption in court proceedings and reduction of complaints, his special attention on building of citizen-officer relations on healthy criteria and careful attitude towards people, and increase of citizens satisfaction among the users of the court, as a whole in the society.

The annual report of the Public Association of the Specialized Court Judges of the Azerbaijan Republic was listened at the meeting, the lecturer - chairman of the Association, the Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Sumgayit city Saadat Bektashi gave detailed information on the activities of the Association over the past period.

Chairman of the Criminal Board of the Supreme Court, member of the Judicial-Legal Board Shahin Yusifov, the Judge of the Civil Bar of the Supreme Court Asad Mirzaliyev and the judge of the Administrative-economic Board Khagani Mammadov spoke about the “Appliance experience of the measures of restraint by the courts and specifications of investigation of existency of bases of measures of restraint”, the problems arising from the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on February 28, 2019 “About additional measures on solution of problematic credits of the natural persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan” (about legal fate of the claims in the courts on credit debts) and about “Characteristic specifications of consideration of administrative disputes”. There was made exchange of experience and ideas and effective discussions on the actual problems of judicial activity. The judges being on business trip in the foreign countries shared their impressions and gave information to the colleagues about advanced world experience and the innovations in the field judicial activity.

At the end, the organizational issues were considered and new members were accepted into the unions.



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